[PS4/PC] Novos detalhes do projeto da Kojima Production


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    [PS4/PC] Novos detalhes do projeto da Kojima Production

    Mensagem por ChrnoTodd em Qui 17 Dez 2015, 06:39

    - in an Q&A conducted by PlayStation community manager Pad Poet, Sony Computer Entertainment revealed more details about Kojima Productions' new game
    - game is something completely new, not Silent Hill
    - PS4 first, comes to PC eventually, won't come to Xbone
    - game will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment who will "provide support [to the game's development] as necessary"
    - Kojima Productions is an independent studio
    - Sony made no comment of VR support
    - deal is for the first title
    - no word from Sony on whether the company has ownership of the IP
    - read more here:

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