NST (Nintendo americana) pode se tornar desenvolvedora exclusiva para mobile

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    NST (Nintendo americana) pode se tornar desenvolvedora exclusiva para mobile

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    Liam Robertson has once again uncovered something quite interesting. In a report published on NintendoLife, he writes that, according to one his sources, a free-to-play amiibo game is currently in the works. The developer for this is Nintendo Software Technology, who recently made Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars and in the past were responsible for games such as Metroid Prime Hunters and Wave Race: Blue Storm.
    Apparently the game is planned for a US release in early 2016 – initially it would be free for anyone who owns a compatible amiibo, though this is apparently only a special promotion for the game’s launch. Once that promotion is over, customers will supposedly have to pay to play the game. Nintendo of Europe apparently plans to release the game later on in 2016 for free.
    Additionally, Robertson states that, according to his source, there are plans for Nintendo Software Technology to become a mobile-only developer, presumably once development on the free-to-play amiibo game is finished. However, this is apparently only a proposal at the moment and not a final decision.
    As always with reports like this, take them with a grain of salt – Liam Robertson has been quite accurate with his reports in the past, however there’s always the possibility of things falling through at the last minute or other internal developments leading to the project not being completed after all.

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